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Historical Perspective Websites

Biblical Missiology
A place for discussion among those involved in the Historical method of Muslim evangelism as well as the occasional IMer who shows up.

Gospel for Muslims
This is a ministry located in Texas and founded by Abraham and Amie Starker.

Jesus for Muslims
A network of non-profit organizations located in NYC with the express purpose of mobilizing and helping the church reach the more than one million Muslims of the greater metropolitan area.

Insider Movements
Site to purchase DVDs and mp3s of the IM: a Critical Assessment conferences.

Saint Francis Magasene
SFM, a joint effort of Interserve and AWM, is an e-zine that speaks clearly about a broad spectrum of missions issues in addition to IM.

Selected Bibliography: Advocates of Insider Movements

Accad, Fouad Elias (1997). Building Bridges: Christianity and Islam. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.
[Accad’s book is not thoroughly IM, but it does provide some impetus for basic premises held by proponents and advocates of IM.]

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Zabur and Injil.” IJFM 23(2): 73-7.

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Blue Passport
Operated by R.G. Lewis, he offers mosdy cross-cultural advice and teaching, though he dabbles in writing about IM.

Carl Medearis
Very well done website with good resources for those interested in Medearis and the IM approach.

Common Ground
“Building Bridges of Trust that Bear the Weight of Truth”

Common Path Alliance
Operated by Congressional District Programs, this is an organization initiating peace dialogues between Christians and Muslims. “The Common Path Alliance seeks to continue building bridges of unity based on our common belief in loving God and loving our neighbor.”

A Common Word
Not specifically an IM site, nevertheless the sentiment is present in this Muslim attempt (aided by Christian dhimmitude) to Islamicize Christianity and Jesus: “…despite their differences, Islam and Christianity not only share the same Divine Origin and the same Abrahamic heritage, but the same two greatest commandments.”

Global Teams
This small international mission is decidedly IM. Their homepage appears to redefine insider movements as God moving in a culture, people, clan or tribe and “as new communities of believers are formed and new disciples are made, they too seek to live like ‘the Word made flesh’ and ‘live among’ the people—their people—and cultures as light and salt and yeast.” GTs International Director is Kevin Higgins.

This is a Korean mission organization fully ensconced within the IM family. At the bottom of the site you will notice two interesting comments in English from Mark Harlan (Christar, USCWF, ISFM, professor) and Kevin Higgins (Global Teams). Home page:

Jesus in the Qur’an
Headed by Jamie Winship and housed by Grace Fellowship in Atlanta, GA, JIQ is “an entirely new paradigm and, in other ways, an ancient one dating back to the days of Jesus.” The site is filled with resources for those interested in IM, though interestingly the term is never used on their website. Al Kali ma

“Al Kalima publishes and distributes books which help Muslims understand Christ, to build bridges of understanding between Muslims and Christians.” This is Mazhar Mallouhi’s business website. The translation project with which he is associated is discussed.

Messianic Muslims
A very simple site, but one that encourages Muslims to follow Jesus yet remain Muslims. In their “7 Principles” they cite equally from the Tawrat, Zabur, Injil, and Qur’an to make their plea for Muslims to follow Jesus. “The testimony of all the holy writings [this includes the Qur’an]…” leads to Jesus. The site gives the Qur’an’s teachings about itself, the Bible and Christ.

Messianic Muslims—Facebook
This seems to be a lone ranger operated site with few posts or interactions. Read the info page to see what it is about, disregarding the misspellings, 131212510234104

Missiological Blogger
Adam Hoffman operates this blog that offers links to many of the IM articles mentioned in the bibliography. It seems more neutral than IM or Historical in presentation.

Training Ordinar}’ Apprentices to Go offers a ten-month program of insider movements’ theology and methodology, feeding many of its graduates into Frontiers. Nathan D’Jiim (pseudonym) is the director.

The People of the Book
This website is run by one of the Navigators’ personnel, but it not officially affiliated with the organization. From home page, go to STRATEGY for rationale and support for IM.

The content of the Perspectives classes leans to IM; however, there is nothing on the website that indicates this,

Sabeel Media
Christian Arabic language materials, but purveyors of The Stories of the Prophets and operated by Wycliffe. http: / /

Ummah al Masih
“As Believing Muslims in Isa Al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah), we join the great Ummah or nation of Muslims in reciting a creed, though, as Muslims who have experienced Allah’s mercy firsthand, through Al-Masih, our creed goes beyond the traditional submission to Allah’s sovereignty. Our realization that true Islam, such as was foreseen by the Sayyidna Ibrahim and the Prophets must include an expression of the Compassion and Mercy of our Lord.” php?option=com_content &task=view&id=39&Itemid=58

YWAM CP Coaches
This YWAM affiliated site lists as one of its three lead articles Rebecca Lewis’s “Honoring God-Given Identity and Community.” No comments are made about it, but the presence of the article without critique implies acceptance.
Also YWAM among Hindus

Selected Bibliography: Historical Perspective

Carson, D.A. ‘The Emerging Church.” Modern Reformation Magagne 14:4 (July-August 2005): http:// default.php?page=articledisplay & var1=ArtRead&var2=128&var3=authorbio&var4=AutRes&va r5=238.

Coleman, M. and P. Verster. “Contextualisation of the Gospel among Muslims.” Acta Theologica 2006(2): 94-115. e gospel%20among%20muslimsl).pdf.
[Written from an Adventist perspective, the authors present a sound argument for looking beyond simple contextualization to a holistic presentation of the Gospel, perhaps solving—at least for them—the IM problems.]

Corwin, Gary. “Insider Movements and Outsider Missiology.” EMQ 42(1): 10-11.
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Effective Ministry: Evangelism in a Muslim Context. Wheaton, IL: EMIS.
[A very balanced presentation of both insider and non-insider perspectives; take special note of Corwin’s epilogue.]

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Trends in Evangelical Mission.” SFM 4 (March 2006)
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Religion, and Insider Movements in Biblical Perspective.” SFM 5:4 (August 2009): 92-113.

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Woods, Scott. “A Biblical Look at C5 Muslim Evangelism.” EMQ 39(2): 188-95.


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